Sunday, October 1, 2000

Important Info, Don't give eBay any more money than you have to!

I should have mentioned this earlier but don't use any of eBay's crappy photo galleries and other worthless upgrades that cost money. Host your own pictures at somewhere like photobucket and make your adds in either the HTML editor that eBay or turbolister provides and mark your best picture as the gallery picture. If it all sounds too hard, it's really not, I only pay something like $1.50-$2.70 max for my Auctions. If you want to get really creative and make a very sophisticated page use an advanced HTML editor like Xsitepro2 . This is the best Web editor money can buy, and also essential if you want to make your own website selling products. I have a website in the design stage now to drive more sales to my products, Xsite adds all the Paypal Checkout and pay now functions easily.
Theres also plenty of other sites out there to sell your stuff . , etc , both of these are good if your lazy as they allow you to export all of your ebay auctions and feedback automatically , its pretty cool and the best part free to list. Theres a small final value fee though its nothing like eBay's exorbitant fees.

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