Saturday, January 1, 2000

The Overseas Holiday Ebay Money making Method !

This is one of the best ideas I've ever had, and it happened by accident. I recently took my son to Phuket Thailand to get cheap dental work and have a damn good holiday for 10 days "The dental work is amazing and very cheap BTW" . I'm not much for relaxing and Massages but I'm always thinking of ways to make some quick money so I did some research on what high value items would be manufactured locally and are worth a lot of money back home. I discovered high end carbon fiber Mountain bikes were about half the price in Thailand than at home in Australia at $3999 , I bought one for $1950 overseas spent $200 on DHL shipping it back home and it arrived home before I did. It sold immediately and I made $1050 profit on Ebay , This paid for my airfares with little effort. I also got greedy and shopped around for unique items such as wood carvings, artwork even high powered Lasers, I just packed my suitcase full of cool stuff that you can't get easily at home "free shipping". I have made so far out of this $600 with more stuff yet to be listed on Ebay. This paid for my accommodation and all meals. If you haven't got the cash to do this up front get a credit card and you should be able to pay it all back when you get home. This may not make you a fortune but it will get you a free Holiday to some seriously exotic locations, you can also do up your Ebay auctions while your sitting back and having a drink all you need is a laptop, a camera and decent Internet connection. Of course the place is full of cheap knock offs especially clothing, so its up to you if you want to risk your Ebay account or selling fake goods.

I also met some friends there and one of them has found his niche in selling Zippo lighters, he found a wholesale guy there which is very easy to do, sends them home by the box load and makes a killing flogging them on Ebay, so much so that it's his only job.

Honestly if you really want to get serious with this sort of selling you must go to the countries and meet face to face with the wholesalers, forget Hong Kong and China as the market is already so flooded with there products its hardly worth it.

The best business deal I made over there however is building a website for a mate that lives in Patong and has a Tattoo shop. I am going to use his unique designs and sell them on my website and split the profits along with other ways of monetizing the site. The site is only in very early basic design stages at the moment but you can have a look if you like 90 Nine Tattoo Designs Patong 

This site is being made with Xsitepro 2 and I can't say this too many times , THE BEST WEB DESIGN SOFTWARE EVER MADE . Very powerful and simple to use.

Anyway have fun if you decide to do this, it absolutely will make you money unless someone cuts off the circulation to you brain . Also Phuket is expensive compared to the rest of Thailand, If want some serious bargains go to Bangkok or Chaing Mai, it a bit daunting though if its your first visit.

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