Sunday, September 28, 2008

Update 29/9/09

Don't under estimate the power of keywords .

Had a slow day or 2 for no particular reason, so decided to do some experimenting to freshen things up a bit. Started brainstorming ideas on what particular search string variations, shoppers may be entering for search. We tried a few different title variations on a few of the same buy it now items. Some were not successful but after trying a peach of a keyword BANG about 4 sales in a hour. That night we made 12 sales all up. Making between $30 to $40 profit on each item, do the math! The following night we had 10 sales, this was over a weekend where we get most sales. Also notice sales are made at night, as the majority of customers shop at home at night, so we always have an item ending at night and every hour a night. I have created a short guide on eBay keyword research here 

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