Thursday, January 20, 2000

Minimize costs with a Merchant account

I'm sick and tired of paying paypal fees. I saw my bank manager today to get a Merchant account setup. If you don't already know a merchant account allows you to have you own credit card facilities and checkout. This can be used for getting your money from eBay customers or more importantly your own website store front which I have in development now. The plan is at the beginning to drive my current customers away from eBay and direct them to my own store. When someone buys something from us on eBay you slip a couple of business cards in with the order, also with the 100's or even thousands of happy customers you have with eBay you also have their Email address which you can use to send a newsletters of latest products etc and off course your website details. Search engine optimization for your website including link building, article writing, promotion etc "which is well beyond the scope of this guide" Ideally you will want most of your traffic to come from Google organic search, or I may even tinker with some paid adwords and subscribe to price review sites. The opportunities are endless. However, in saying this I will always have auctions going on eBay for the simple reason of promoting my own business.

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  1. If I read this right, it sound like you're taking email addresses from people that have bought from you off eBay. I'm guessing you are finding this information through PayPal once they have paid. Be careful about sending emails to people who havn't agreed for you to do this. Search 'Can Spam Act' in google and you will see there are some very large fines for doing this.


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