Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Create a Video Product Review

Its no secret that people love pictures and videos, and statistics will confirm that more and more people will search YouTube and do some research on a particular item before purchasing. So break out your handy cam or borrow someone else’s (try not to use your cell phone as quality is bad) and make a short maybe 2-3 minutes of product review in your own words and "positive" opinions. Go through the features etc and you should come across as an expert on the product, as you should be anyway. Edit the video if need be and convert it to .FLV there’s plenty of free tools out there to do this, and upload to YouTube. While your at it also upload your video to every other video sharing site on the net. Why? because in your video description you are going to include a link to your eBay store or website for anyone else out there that stumbles on your video. If you only have an eBay store, the URL for your store is big and ugly, so go to and shorten it into your store name or whatever and include the new URL in your videos and the description.  Now you are also going to embed the YouTube video in your eBay auctions so customers can also see your gleaming video review and most likely buy your goods. This is very powerful and not to be underestimated, people are visual and information junkies especially when it come to purchases, so provide this for them and you will rake in the money.

If the whole making a video thing is over your head, I believe has exhaustive tutorials.

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