Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Create Links to your other eBay Auctions!

My God I can't believe I've only just found out about this, I feel such an idiot. I don't think this is just a powerseller tool but available to any stores and what I can gather it doesn't cost any extra money. In your eBay store management there is a HTML Builder tab where you can make your own little personalized links to your other items on auction. It inserts a list of little thumbnail links with either a gallery picture or your off eBay hosted pictures you may use and other useful promotional info and titles just above your main item pages. This is awesome I can't believe how many possible sales I could have got, had of I used this method in the beginning, I mean how many people see your item description and say "Nah" that's not for me and click the back button to continue searching, showing your other auctions right there in front of them gives browsing customers somewhere else to click. DUH !!
I'm going to spend an entire day going through all of eBay's options to see if there's any more of these gems that can potentially make me more money.

Oh yeah I also found out a couple of days ago I've upgraded from Silver to a Gold Powerseller!! Happy days.

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