Saturday, January 15, 2000

Ebay Business Model

In an ideal world your eBay business model should be based around what products you would enjoy selling and a great deal of so called "Gurus" will tell you that you should be selling something you have an interest in ! This it totally wrong, your eBay business model should be based around.

1) Product availability ie, Reliable trustworthy wholesale suppliers

2) What generates the biggest profit margin, for a given sales ratio ie sell 5 items a day at $10 profit or sell 50 items a day at $5 profit. Volume sales is the way to go in this example and always will be, vodaphone makes 1% on their phone sales, but sell millions a day.

3) What is popular , You will need to do your eBay keyword research for this or eBay pulse in another great place to look. Or my personal favourite is to first find a wholesale item you would like to sell and do a search on eBay for "completed listing"  see if anyone else in selling it and if they are and are doing well , you steal their eBay business model, take no prisoners!!
Who cares if the stuff you know you can make a good profit from is not exactly in your interest, hobbies or area of expertise, when its making a stack of cash for you nothing else will be more interesting !  

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