Friday, January 14, 2000

How to Start an eBay Business

The very first thing you should be doing is reading every page on this site and fully understanding the concepts here as this is a serious business and should be treated as such, not some get rich quick scheme, they don't exist. This is a tried and true blueprint for a successful eBay home business model that will not make you millions of dollars in the first month, I cannot promise that and no one can, however this is a process that if you lay the correct foundations to start with and don't give up even if you aren't seeing big profits to start with, it can and will develop into a very profitable business venture. 
The majority of mistakes I see new comers make, time and time again is when they start an eBay business, they will dabble their toes in the water and be a very small fish in a very large ocean. You need to dominate your chosen niche from the word go. It's no good just choosing one wholesale product and making one listing just to see how it goes, as it will go exactly no where. A far better idea to start an eBay business is to buy at least 10 items "you will get a wholesale discount straight up" and make a "buy it now" listing once in the middle of the day and one at night around 8:00 everyday and you make sure you list in each listing that you do indeed have 10 items for sale, that way if a customer buys one of your items, your listing will still stay up with 9 items left to sell. This way your product listing will always be visible and that is the key to the whole concept "Visibility" 
I say make your listings at these specific times of the day, as you have to consider when your demographic is sitting at the computer and shopping, as a lot of eBay shoppers will only look at items ending soon as they are also bidders, and what will they see, the very listings you made a week ago if you do 7 day ending auctions. You have to think, when will a stay at home mum be shopping for stuff on the Internet ? It will be between 12:00am and 3:00pm when the kids are having a nap. Or if your target demographic is selling cell phones to teenagers, they are going to be searching after school time. It just depends what you are selling and you as the eBay entrepreneur have to think like a customer and know when they are most likely to be in the buying mood, its not that hard and is a very, very powerful piece of advice when you are considering how to start an eBay business?
Another trick a lot of power sellers use on eBay is called "self competition" this is where you make some of your listing slightly higher in price to make your other listing for the same item look like a bargain. 

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