Thursday, January 13, 2000

eBay home Business

When setting up your first Ebay home business you will need to keep everything organized in a way to make your work flow as stream lined as possible. Your most important piece of equipment is your PC, It does not have to be the best machine available, however it still should be reliable and well protected from viruses, as it will be the cornerstone tool in your eBay home business. I also recommend having 2 monitors if you have a desktop PC, as this helps when you are designing new auction templates on one screen, and doing your listings via turbo lister and counting money on the the other. If you are not Drop shipping which I don't, you will need a place to store your stock and rolls of bubble wrap found cheaply at any wholesale store, you will also need a heap of prepaid post bags. 
You will only need post bags as its cheap and your brand new wholesale stock will already be nicely boxed up, so all you need to do is put one layer of bubble wrap around the box, tape it and pop it in a post bag for next day delivery, all of this should only cost you around $5 per item and you can charge $9.50 or whatever for Postage and handling. The Key word here is Handling, even though your postage costs are $5 you still have to pay yourself for your work and travelling to the post office etc. In fact that's how a great many Power sellers make their money by jacking up the shipping costs and keeping the product prices low, this does work, however that will be a small part of our EBay business model .

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